Lion of Vank Village Karabakh

5 Things To Do in Vank Village

December 9, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Are you planning a trip to the Republic of Nagrno Karabakh? Well… while exploring the must-see sites of Artsakhmake sure to stop by the village of Vank, which is situated in Martakert region of Artsakh. The distance between Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh, and Vank village is approximately 50km. The village is surrounded with impressive nature and a number of historical monuments.

Here are the 5 things we recommend doing in the village of Vank:

1. Have a bird’s-eye view of Vank Village from the Monastery of Gandzasar

Bird's eye view of Vank Village Artsakh
Photo by Lilit Grigoryan

Constructed in 1238 A.D. Gandzasar Monastery is a significant place for tourists and pilgrims. It is considered to be a masterpiece of Armenian architecture. The monastery sits up on the hill. We recommend to observe the village from the territory of the monastery to have an amazing bird’s-eye view of the village. The village is located right in the center of the mountains and the forest. This beautiful scene is very impressive from late spring through the autumn…

2. Eat the traditional bread with “zhengyal”

Zhengyal bread Artsakh
Photo by Lilit Grigoryan

The “Zhengyal” bread is a traditional one in Artsakh. “Zhengyal” is a dialectic word meaning wild grass. This bread is special because of the number of wild grasses used to bake it; up to 25 wild herbs found in Artsakh are used in this bread. Make sure to taste it either in the restaurant of “Tsovin Qar” hotel or at Susan’s place which is right on the way to Gandzasar Monastery. Susan may also offer you home-made soups or salads, home-made cheese, tan (yogurt diluted with water and salted), herbal tea and much more.

3. Meditate by looking at the Tkhanaghal Mount

Tkhanaghal Artsakh
Photo by Lilit Grigoryan

While enjoying the “zhengyal” bread you can admire a wonderful view of Tkhanaghal Mountain. This is how locals call it. The highest point of the mountain range is distinguished by its ridge view. Looking closer at it in the summer one might see that the mount reminds of an animal resting on top of it. Can you find a goat resting on the top in the photo above?

4. Take a photo with the Lion of Vank

Lion of Vank Village Karabakh
Photo by Lilit Grigoryan

One of the tourist attractions in Vank village is the lion-shaped rock with an open mouth, showing its formidable fangs. There is a feeling that the lion will just roar at you. Lion’s right hand with long clutches sunken into the ground may give you a feeling that the lion has noticed his prey and is going to attack it…

5. Walk around the village to see the zoo, the waterfall and the river

We recommend you to explore the village by having a long walk around it. You can visit the Zoo located right next to Electica hotel and watch the animals. Or, admire the view of the waterfall and the river. And, finally, shop for souvenirs in the local shops. By the way, some of the shops are owned by the veterans of Karabakh war, who have interesting stories to tell about…

You can also visit such historical monuments nearby the Vank Village as the Palace of Hasan Jalal Prince (Fortress of Ruzan), Khokhanaberd Fortress; Kachaghakaberd Fortress.

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  • Arpi

    The Republic of Mountainous Karabakh, and especially the village Vank and the monastery Gandzasar are wonderful places… if one visits these places once, s/he will want to go there again and again… it’s impossible not to fall in love with Artsakh…

    • Dear Arpi, great to know you had a chance to travel to Artsakh, and thanks for your comment!