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Accommodation in Yerevan

November 11, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

After you’ve chosen your touristic destination, the second question always comes about the accommodation. If you decided to explore Armenia, then we are here to help in finding suitable accommodation for you. To better orientate in the sea of real estate available we will offer you options in three different categories: flats, hostels and hotels.

hotel in Yerevan

Flat option

Armenians care about their houses and try to arrange them as comfortable as possible, even (or sometimes especially) when they are planning to rent them out. If you want to rent a flat in the city center, then the average one room flat will cost approximately $45 daily, two rooms apartment will cost $65 per day in the city center. If you would like to spend less on the accommodation and prefer location not in the very center of the city, the prices will decrease for flats for $15-20 accordingly. You should consider that city center and other parts of the Yerevan are not very far from each other. In this small city everything is so close to each other that it will take you 10-15 minutes maximum by taxi to get to the city center almost from all other districts of Yerevan. There are plenty of Armenian websites that offer online booking of different type of apartments and they can be easily found through web search.

Tip: If you are renting the apartment for more than 5-7 days, always try bargaining with the landlords, it might work as if buying in bulk.

Republic Sqaure Yerevan

Hotel option

If hotels are more comfortable option of accommodation for you, then Yerevan has a wide variety to offer. Prices vary rapidly as there are very expensive hotels as well as budget ones. Most of them are situated in the downtown and are on walking distance from all the popular touristic spots. Prices for one room vary from $60-120 approximately and of course it depends on high/low season period. These are overage prices for one and two room accommodations in three stars hotel. Of course, you can find options for $185-210 accordingly in four stars hotel, its up to your choice how much money you want to spend.

Hotel in Yerevan

Hostel option

If you are OK with hostel option, the best option so far, recommended by local people and tourists remains Envoy hostel. Depending on the room you prefer, prices vary from $14-40 daily, per person. The hostel is situated in downtown of Yerevan.

Other hostels are also located in the city center and can be easily found through the Google search. Some hostels in Yerevan offer private rooms (including toilets and bathrooms) for higher prices of course, but, hostel stay will definitely cost cheaper than the hotel one.

Hostel in Yerevan

Another optimal way can be taking a tour including everything you’ll need during your travel. For instance we know many famous tours which travel agencies offer to visitors to Armenia, you might book one of them, enjoying budget and leisure!

Bonus! Apart all the options mentioned above, you can count on option; there are a lot of members of this community in Armenia and in Yerevan particularly. Remember what we once told about Armenian hospitality? You might have the chance of checking it!

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