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Armenia Through the Lens of an Overseas Traveller

December 11, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

The landscapes of Armenia – sun-drenched and picturesque…the mountains- lash and snow-capped…

This is how the lens of an overseas traveller Marko Ukkola depicts Armenia. Marko Ukkola is a telecommunication specialist and an amateur photographer from Finland.

Photo by Marko Ukkola

Khor Virap Armenia
Photo by Marko Ukkola

Marko Ukkola works for a large telecommunications company and first time visited Armenia in 2010 for a short business trip. He returned to Armenia in the winter of 2011 and stayed for at about four years full of adventure. In 2015, he was called back to Finland, and visits Armenia from time to time to meet relatives, old colleagues and to explore more of the country.

Those four years were full of exploration and new experiences, but it is the people, the nature and the very old history of Armenia that are of great interest to his lens.

Lake Sevan
Photo by Marko Ukkola

“When you go out from the road you will find ruins of the castle or church. If not and happen to kick the rock there will be arrowhead writing,” says Marko.

Symphony of Rocks Armenia
Photo by Marko Ukkola

During those four years Marko lived in Yerevan mostly. The one thing that surprises him the most are the children playing outside, although, it is nearly midnight. In Nordic countries children go to sleep between 19:00 – 21:00. Well… Yerevan is extremely safe city!

Children in Yerevan
Photo by Marko Ukkola

Are you planning a travel to Armenia for the first time? Well… Marko recommends driving one day in a jeep through the Gegham Mountains from Garni to Gavar. Make sure to stop in Gavar for some homemade vodka. For hikers – a one-day trip to Azhdahak Mountain and surroundings would be nice.

Azhdahak Armenia
Photo by Marko Ukkola

For food lovers, he recommends a visit to Areni village in the Vayots Dzor Province for some local wine and tonir khorovats (barbeque made in a special Armenian underground clay oven).

Tip: Visit Noravank, a 13th-century Armenian monastery, before tasting the wine if you want to climb up the stairs.

While exploring the historical lands of Armenia, do not forget to have your camera charged to take some great shots that will bring back good memories…

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