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Armenian Wine: ample, healing and…

February 26, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Do you know that Armenian people distinguish between various types of wines, such as wedding wine, merriment wine, baptism wine, etc…? Well, in Armenia wine is an inseparable companion of a happy table. As Armenians say, there is no feast full without the Armenian wine. Drinking of Armenian wine is accompanied with the ritual of traditional toast making, especially during feasts and ritual celebrations. Armenian wine is subtle, deep and has bouquet. The taste of it is balanced and ample.

Note: Armenia, one of the most ancient cradles of grape growing and winemaking traditions, is home to the world’s oldest known winery dating back 6,100 years. The winery is near the village of Areni in Vayots Dzor Province of Armenia.

Ancient Winery

It is believed that moderate consumption of Armenian wine makes one healthy and bright. In Armenian classical and popular medicine various types of wine are linked to a range of health benefits. Particularly, wines made of honey, dates, raisins, pomegranate or wheat, as well as, white wine made with the addition of herbs are used to help relieve headache pain, persistent migraine, provide benefits to the heart, are good for digestion of food, brighten up complexion, while drunk with water can lead to good sleep. However, if abused any type of wine can have harmful impact, particularly for aged people.

Tip: To dissolve kidney stone – drink mixture made from grape sap mixed with wine. You can take the sap by cutting the vine in spring. Wine mixed with olive oil promotes hair growth.

Golden Grape ArmAs

On the other hand, Armenian people put emphasis on the fact that drinking too much wine can have harmful health impacts as well, particularly for aged people. The negative consequences of alcoholism are present in classical and popular medicine as well.

The positive and negative assessment of wine is also present in Armenian fables and sayings. They are spoken about through humor and satire, mostly reflecting the idea that wine makes man fearless and careless… “They gave some wine to a goat and it challenged the wolf to a fight”, ”A drunk man either weeps or pees”, ”Wine does not kill, but it lets one down”, etc.


To taste the best variety of Armenian wines and to get to know the local culture, we recommend you attend the Armenian Annual Wine Festival.

Anoush!  «անուշ» (let the drunk wine be sweet for you!)

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