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What to Do in Armenia in August?

July 29, 2014 - Travel to Armenia

July and August are the hottest months of the year in Armenia as well as in other countries of Southern Caucasus.

This probably makes these months to be hardly bearable if you do not have a holiday trip to Maldives, etc. But who said that staying in Armenia in August you will be deprived of spending wonderful time in some cozy places which have fewer degrees than under the sun?

So, let’s start exploring the world of pastime that Armenia offers in August:

Mountain climbing

Probably the most important activity to be offered to those who are keen to challenge are mountains of Armenia. The most part of them are quite easy to hike or climb up in August. The best choice is Mount Aragats – 4090m, which is reachable in the summertime from quite all the parts (the mount itself has 4 peaks, some of which are hard to climb).

Travelling to the North of Armenia

Everybody in Armenia, who lives in the Southern or Central parts of the country, becomes jealous about the ones who live in the Northern part. This occurs mostly in summer, because the Northern part becomes a heaven with its mild, soft and humid climate, with the rainy or slightly windy evenings and fresh afternoons.

So, if you want to escape from the 40 degrees hot weather of the Central Armenia, then the Northern part is waiting for you. You don’t need much to explore the North. Just take public transport from the Northern Station (that’s how it’s called) and voila, you start to feel the fresh air.

Probably, the best destination will be the cozy city of Dilijan, which is situated among forests and is totally covered with green. Dilijan covers it’s national park and has much to offer to the visitors:

• Haghartsin Monastic Complex
• Goshavank Monastic Complex
• Jukhtak vanker (two little chapels situated in the deep forest open up to you like castles from fairy tales)
• Matosavank (a little church situated not far from the Jukhtak Vanker, which is all covered with green)
• Lake Parz

Jukhtak vanker churches

Sunbathing on the beaches of Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan, port

And the third and probably the most common pastime is going sunbathing to the Lake Sevan. Here you should just remember one thing: the best coasts are the most unknown ones. So when reaching the lake explore a little bit the area and find the hidden parts of the coasts like Shorja, etc.

Do not forget to visit Sevanavank monastic complex while enjoying Lake Sevan.

Sevanavank in sunny weather

We hope August will pass as a very fruitful month for those who are looking for an active and mild rest.

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  • Helena Moon


    I just want to say that I’m planning a trip with my boyfriend in August to Georgia and Armenia and your blog is SO useful and interesting! I’ve been reading it all day! So thank you very much! Xx

    • Hi Helena, so your August is going to be awesome!
      Happy that the blog helped, contact us in case you need any help about
      trip planning, too. Happy travels!

  • There’s so much to do in Armenia. These are great tips. Beautiful photos also. Thumbs up.