Do you have golden autumn in your country? Armenia has!

August 26, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

If you are planning your trip to Armenia in autumn, we recommend you try searching in the web words “golden autumn Armenia”. You will get pictures of amazing beauty of nature, fruits, vegetables, photos of people celebrating holidays, festivals and many more colourful pictures that inspire for a Fall visit to this place.

Though Armenia can be special in its own way at every season throughout the year, still during Fall it becomes magically golden and it is one of the best periods to visit this country.

Autumn in Armenia
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

As summer yields place for autumn, Armenian nature starts to transform and leaves on the trees are becoming yellow, red and brown (goldish). As leaves fall down, the ground becomes colourful as in a fairy tale and the dominating colour is golden. Also, one can see here the variety of grapes of different colours and even see grapevines raised high on the balconies along the streets of Yerevan. As you leave the capital for the regions and pass by wide valleys and see those beautiful colours –you understand why it is called Golden Autumn.

Autumn field
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Also, autumn is the harvest time and people living in rural areas are busy drying or canning fruit in preparation for the looming winter. Each area in the country has something to be proud of and each region is jealous for fame of its apples and apricots. For instance, Ararat Valley and Yeghegnadzor area are renowned for delightful wines. Looking deep into history one can find references to the over-3000 year-old wine making tradition in Armenian culture.

Tourists to Armenia should definitely try the dry red wines of Areni , the smooth white wines of Ijevan and the bottled bouquets from the extensive vineyards of the sunny Ararat valley.

Autumn landscape Armenia
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Apart generous nature, the season of golden autumn has many holidays to be celebrated. On September 21, Armenian Independence Day is celebrated with parades, concerts and fireworks. On this day one can feel the festive mood especially in Yerevan which becomes one united place for celebration. Usually, concerts and some public activities are concentrated mainly in the city center and the day concludes with fireworks in Republic Square, Victory Park and other spots in the central areas mainly.

There is also holiday called Golden Autumn which is celebrated in different ways and on different days in Armenia. Yeghegnadzor city celebrates Golden Autumn (Voski Ashun) on the second Sunday of October with a huge annual festival. Festivities start mid-morning. There is wine and cheese tasting, folk dancing, singing and plenty of entertainment all day long in the main park.

Another great holiday is Yerevan’s birthday celebration in October. In 2013, the capital of Armenia will be 2795 years old! The holiday is called Yerevan-Erebuni, as at some point along the way the city became known as Erebuni, later Yerevan. Indeed, the city has an impressive history and stories around. On this day a huge celebrations start in the afternoon and lasts all day long in different parts of the city, which is usually thematically decorated.


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