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Early Breakfast Places in Yerevan

August 29, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

In big cities early mornings usually start at 5-6 am, as lot of people spend 1-2 hours to get to their offices. No, it is not about Yerevan at all. This is a small and cozy city, where maximum time people spend on their way to work is one hour (and only because of morning traffic jams!). So if you want to have early breakfast, plan it not earlier than 8am anyway and look at several places we have found for those who start their day early. Below is the map for the chosen places (all in the central district), it will take you maximum 15 minutes to go from one café to another as city centre of Yerevan is really very small and cozy.

Achajour opens at 8am. This is cozy café in Lovers Park in Yerevan, where you can get coffee, fresh juices or tea with sandwiches, Pancakes, fresh salads or whatever you choose from the menu. You can enjoy here green trees around, nice music and peaceful atmosphere around here. You can find here magazines and newspapers in English also. Though, please consider that there is self-service here!


Crumbs Bread Factory branches open at 8.30 and are non-smoking. The cafe specializes in producing wide variety of breads and pastry. Cooked right at their kitchen! Each day there is a special soup of the day that can be enjoyed with a slice of specialty bread. For breakfast you can try coffee, tea and sandwiches with some extraordinary bread would be freshly cooked by special recipe. “Crumbs” is also a shop, so you can order your favorite croissants or cupcakes with delivery.


Café Vergnano 1882 situated in the Northern Avenue opens at 8.30 in the morning. Here you can have fantastic coffee in the morning. Well…if you manage to choose certain type of the coffee cocktail you want out of more than 25 available. There is special breakfast menu including croissants, omelettes and paninis. Staff is very friendly and speaks English. You can also take “take-away coffees with you”. Another café at Northern Avenue – La Piazza is also ready to serve some food early in the morning, starting from 9.00 – you can plan your morning joy from the online menu available. Though please consider that the design of interior is a little bit pompous. However you can try here fresh salads, desserts and homemade lemonade.


Other café not far from the others is Artbridge which also opens at 8.30. Entering the café, you will find yourself in the bookstore hall where you find Armenian souvenirs, books, postcards. Continuing your way you will see two different halls for smokers and non-smokers. In both halls there is monthly changing art exhibition of works of painters, sculptors and photographers. There is wide selection of magazines and local daily papers available for reading over breakfast and of course tasty breakfast menu! Here you can try wide variety of Armenian herbal teas, coffees, fresh juices, light snacks with Armenian bread (lavash). If you don’t want to eat dense for your breakfast you would be definitely satisfied here! Artbridge usually has lent Menu, so feel free to ask staff who speaks English good.


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  • Satenik

    Dear Mr/Mrs,

    I was surfing the Internet and suddenly got to your blog. I was so happy to see that you loved Crumbs cafe/shop. I will be glad to see you soon at Crumbs. Let me know when you are in Yerevan so I can give you more information about Crumbs. Thank you a lot for trusting Crumbs 🙂

    Satenik Safaryan
    Marketing Manager
    CRUMBS Bread Factory

    • Zorik

      Dear Satenik,
      We are happy that you like the article. We have a team in Yerevan, so one day we will drip in with pleasure!