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Coffee route in Tbilisi

November 6, 2013 - Tbilisi Loves You / Travel to Georgia

If you happen to appear in Tbilisi and are coffee-addict, to survive walking this beautiful city you should know places for “coffee stations.” Apart from choosing places with perfect coffee, we will present places where you can get something special apart from the caffeine.

Coffee Tbilisi
Taken from Elvis American Dinner’s FB Page

Starting with Entree, chain of cafes which is favorite places for both locals and tourists. You can get all possible kinds of coffees here – from double espresso to any coffee-milk cocktails. Staff speaks English (rarely in Russian). Apart from good coffee, you can taste here Italian ice-cream and French cookery, from croissants to some tiny special French style mini-cakes. The important thing to remember is that though prices are not cheap here, in the mornings they serve good breakfast menus. On working days from 8-11am, you can get 3 types of breakfasts written on the menu blackboard in the cafe. Those options could be quite affordable. Coffee + any type of croissants = $3! Juice/Ice tea + sandwich = $6 and continental breakfast for $9. On weekends the breakfast deadline is extended till 12, though nowhere is written about it.

Tip: Cafe is non-smoking and serves breakfast menus every day.

Entree Tbilisi
Taken from Entree’s FB Page

Another foreign brand, Luca Polare, is mainly known for serving best ice-cream in Tbilisi. However, they serve here a really good coffee as well! Again, all the variety is here to please you and one more thing- staff here usually works faster than in Entree. Generally, all cafes of Luca Polare chain are small and cozy places supposed for not very long sitting but rather “take-away”s. All cafes are non-smoking, so feel free to come here with children, and oh by the way, they have here good hot chocolate which can please children who can only smell the coffee.

Tip: Cafe is non-smoking and works from 8-1 am.

Tartine, which is cafe-restaurant serving French cuisine has a special surprise for latte-lovers. As for any real coffee-lovers, tasty coffee is never too much, so, this cafe thought to serve lattes in…tureens! Nice, huh? Though, they charge regular latte price, but your latte is served in red&white tureen, which you are just hugging to drink the proper amount of coffee. Usually, this cafe also gives take-away-s, but you can enjoy this amount only by sitting there. The location is quite good, so you can sit, enjoy the atmosphere of retro-French wooden interior and move on for a touristic walk.

Tip: Serving special amount of Lattes!

o-moda-moda Tbilisi
Taken from O Moda Moda’s FB Page

O Moda, Moda: a little bit far from touristic destinations and hard to find the cafe, as you have to enter the private house black gates, on which there is written “moda moda”, but in Georgian only. So, if you are a guest here, probably you would just miss the place. The name translates as “fashion” and as a bonus for a good coffee, you will have the chance to look through new fashion books and magazines and might buy some clothes from a small designer shop inside the cafe. Special thing here is the atmosphere and interior design. Private house of previous century with high ceilings, large doorways and a yard is turned now into modern fancy cafe. The cafe is non-smoking, though it is a usual thing to leave your stuff at the table and go and smoke in the balcony or in the yard, where there are ashtrays prepared for smokers who are socializing outside.

Tip: Enter the black gates that seem to be closed and you’ll appear in non-smoking fashion cafe.

Elvis Tbilisi
Taken from Elvis American Dinner’s FB Page

The last destination is Elvis, which is on the first floor of Philharmonic Hall building. This thematic black and white cafe, with Elvis Presley’s statues, souvenirs, pictures and posters offers take-away coffees as well as invites you to enjoy Elvis-atmosphere inside. Smoking is allowed only on the second floor of the cafe, here you can enjoy videos of interviews and live concerts of Presley as well as buy small souvenirs.

Tip: Good coffee & thematic interior for Elvis Presley lovers as well as chance to buy some Presley-souvenirs.

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