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Fancy Clubbing in Tbilisi

May 26, 2014 - Tbilisi Loves You / Travel to Georgia

Do you remember we once put together some recommendations about clubbing in Tbilisi? This time there will be recommendations for more fancy night out, if you are more into wearing high heels (ladies) and prefer shirts and shoes instead of sneakers and t-shirts (gentlemen).

Festival Restaurant Divan

Let’s start with Tabidze Street, where you can find place called Divan (from Russian it translates as sofa). This place combines three different nights out at one club. When you first enter you’ll appear in a large room with over-sized bookshelves and lots of café tables, chairs and sofas. You are welcome in this place during daytime to taste the food they serve and “to get ready” for the clubbing night while enjoying cocktails. Upstairs the atmosphere changes completely: you will appear in small lounge room, a bit dark, full of bean bags and lit tables and chill out music. Third option of spending your night out here is to go downstairs, where you appear in the disco place. You’d better check beforehand what DJs and bands will be playing so to organize the evening according to your needs, whether you’ll prefer house, dub-step or jazz. Anyway, atmosphere helps you to relax.

UNIQUE Tbilisi

The other place where you have to pass some “fancy control” before the entrance is Unique Club. To get into the club you need to pass face and dress control, which doesn’t allow any sports clothing and encourages some stylish and chic clothes.  The club age restriction is 19+ (ladies) and 21+ (gentlemen). Though men pass the face control, they have to pay 20 GEL ($11) for the entrance, which covers for the same value of drink at the bar. Well, ladies are always welcome for free;) There are usually two DJs playing sets each night with sounds from pop to house, deep house and progressive. The club is not so large and mainly you will have to stand, otherwise if you want to take the table you should pay 200-300 GEL ($110-160). Anyway, making new acquaintances is easier when you stand close to other people, right?


More fancy and glamorous place would be Senate Club right near the Vake Park. Face/dress control works here the same way as in other glam clubs. This club’s interior sends messages to its audience, it’s hard to say whether it is the Romanic design or it is just the irony, but everything inside tells that owners spend a huge amount of money for making it. So should you, when entering here. Mainly local DJs play here, but very often they organize thematic parties and invite international clubbers and DJs also. The main dance floor is downstairs and high-backed sofas are put in semi-circle around the dance floor. Upstairs is a lounge bar with a central glass viewing area to peer on the action below. During warm weather you can also relax at outside terrace.

Party Club Moscow Tbilisi

And to sum up our “fancy clubbing” one should mention about Party Club Moscow in Tbilisi. Yes, sounds funny, but still there exists club with such kind of name in this city. It is not only a club, but also a concert/event hall and restaurant. Usually, they organize here large parties, inviting some international artists (Coolio for instance, or  more often Ukranian and Russian bands). And again, no sneakers or sport clothing. Ladies with clubbing dresses and high heels are very welcome here with gentlemen in kind of glamorous outfit with a good wallet. If you know what that means. For events update, you can follow their FB page, as the club is posting posters with the parties’ ads.

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