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Honey is honey anywhere… why the Armenian one?

October 16, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

As a traveller to Armenia during the fall/winter season you will most probably buy dried or frozen fruit, herbs or jam to experience the taste and smell of spring/summer seasons of this land of sun. Why not honey that tastes greater from what is usual? The Armenian natural honey is abundant with the flavour of spring flowers from the alpine mountains and has a taste of summer freshness. By the way, it is becoming customary among the locals to send bottles of natural honey as a sweet wish on special occasions to family and friends.

One might say that since ancient times honey is honey anywhere around the world known for its healing power. However, Armenian honey is special because there are no farmed honey plants in Armenia. Honey bees collect nectar from wild plants, which are not grown by humans with use of chemicals. Therefore, the produced honey is natural. The honey produced in Armenia differs in its colour and flavour composition depending on where the honey bees reside and the endemic plants they use as a source. In addition to flower honey, one can also find honeydew honey (forest honey) in Armenia.

Honeybee hives Armenia
Taken from Honey.am

Tip: To verify the purity of honey, the locals usually try setting fire to a cotton pad dipped into a bit of honey. If it burns easily, then it probable has no added water. 

Since ancient times Armenians used honey in households and highly valued the product. If you are travelling to Armenia during summer, we recommend you to participate Shamshadin annual Honey and Berry Festival organized mid-August in Berd situated in the Tavoush Province of Armenia. During the festival you can taste and purchase locally produced natural honey and a selection of berry products. Alternatively, you can purchase natural honey for gifts, including unique varietal honey produced exceptionally in Armenia anytime from Honey.am.

In case you are fascinated by the miraculous world of a beehive or marveling how a feral colony of honey bees lives and works together in the hollow of a tree, we recommend you to explore the Armenian highlands during the summer season and go hiking around the country. In Armenia, the beekeepers move the beehives from two to five times in a season around the country, starting from the Ararat valley, gradually going up to the alpine mountains.

Honey Hive Armenia
Photo by Anahit Nazaryan

Sweet wishes for your travel! Leave a comment for us and share with us how did it feel to taste the Armenian honey? 

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