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Jermuk Mineral Water: divine and healing

April 15, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

The spa town of Jermuk is one of the magnetic travel destinations of Armenia for active and healthy rest. Situated 170 kilometers southeast from the capital city of Yerevan, Jermuk resort offers alpine climate, cool summers and snowbound long winters to the visitors. It is famous for its healing mineral waters, hot springs, high quality spa hotels and health resorts, divine nature, gorgeous waterfalls, downhill skiing slope and the ropeway built in compliance with international standards.

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/ Jermuk is a balneotherapeutic, drink and climatic resort situated high in the mountains (elevation is 2070m above sea level) on the upper Arpa River. The primary natural curative factors are: mountain climate and mineral waters. The first resort in Jermuk town was founded in 1935. However, it has been the most popular health resort for Armenians since ancient times. /

Jermuk mineral water

The mineral hot springs are located at about three kilometers from the town of Jermuk. By the way, Jermuk is translated from the Armenian word «ջերմուկ», which means warm mineral spring. The healing water of Jermuk natural hot springs has quite similar chemical constitution as the famous Karlovy Vary water in Czech Republic and Zheleznovodsk water in Stavropol Kray, Russia.

Jermuk Lake

Tip: Physicians recommend consuming Jermuk mineral water in small quantities, despite its second to none taste and healing properties.

Since ancient times, Jermuk mineral water has been used for treating a number of digestive problems and diseases. The princess of Syunik built a few pools filled with the Armenian mineral water to spend their holidays in this curative resort area. The town of Jermuk has been a popular resort for curative treatments also in Soviet times…

The sparkling water of Jermuk can be found in any shop in Armenia, as well as in some overseas shops. This natural water is bottled since 1951 in a number of factories in the town of Jermuk.

Long time ago, forests of Jermuk were largely inhabited with deers. A legend tells us that a hunter wounded a deer, but it run away and jumped into the mineral waters of Jermuk. The hunter witnessed a miracle… he saw the wounded animal coming out of the waters absolutely alive. Since then, the deer symbolizes the town of Jermuk and is pictured on each bottled filled with Jermuk mineral water.

No matter what the purpose of your visit is, do not miss the must-see places in Jermuk area, among which are: the magnificent Jermuk Waterfall, the Gallery of Waters, Jermuk Lake, Jermuk Art Gallery, Gndevank Monastery and Kechut Water Reservoir.

Jermuk Waterfall by Sonia Baghdasaryan

We do hope you will try this divine mineral water to experience its exceptional taste and will visit the town of Jermuk for active rest only. In case you are here for health treatment, we wish you good health and quick recovery.

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