Swinging Bridge of Khndzoresk

Must See in Khndzoresk Village

June 5, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Situated on the steep slopes of Khor Dzor (Deep Gorge) in the Syunik Province of Armenia is the breathtaking Khndzoresk village.

In case you are planning a trip to one of the best historical and hiking sites in the South-East of Armenia, here are our recommendations about what to see in the village of Khndzoresk.

Photo by Gregor Samsa

New and Old Khndzoresk Village

The inhabited area of the village was built in 1950s and is called New Khndzoresk. Old Khndzoresk is a medieval and early modern village, that is currently home to the ruins of a cave city, ancient churches, tombstones, etc.

Old Khdzoresk Cave Village

View of Old Khndzoresk Caves
Photo by Hugi Olafsson

Thousand-year-old Khndzoresk cave village, at the end of the 19th century, was the largest village in eastern Armenia. Today, there are at about four hundred natural and man-made cave dwellings in the hillsides. Interestingly enough for thousand years the way of life remained almost the same and these cave dwellings were inhabited until the 20th century. To explore the mysterious cave system of the historic village one should cross the swinging bridge.

New Swinging Bridge

Khndzoresk swinging bridge that runs over a deep canyon connects the banks old and new Khndzoresk. It is a 160-meter long bridge that was built with hands of the villagers and was officially opened in 2012. The bridge is 63 meters high above the ground and weighs 14 tons. Locals say it can hold up to seven hundred people at the same time.

Swinging Bridge of Khndzoresk
Photo by Hugi Olafsson

St. Hripsime Church

A 17th century St. Hripsime Church seats at the bottom of the Deep gorge. Nearby the church you can find a tomb of an Armenian national hero Mkhitar Sparapet, who was killed on his way to Khndzoresk village.

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  • Dhuday Gonzales

    Hi! Cool place If I’m going to stay in Yerevan, how can we go here? Mode of transportation? Any advice?

    • Hi dear @dhudaygonzales:disqus, are you traveling alone? There is no public transport that can take you there, either you need to rent a car or join some available daily trip to Khndzoresk. If you need help, just let us know, we can easily organize your trip to Khndzoresk. Email us info@hrakgevorgyan.com or visit http://www.hrakgevorgyan.com and get in touch through the chat online!