Land of sun

Explore The Land Of The Sun With Paintings

March 28, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Many countries of the world have interesting nicknames. We have already mentioned in ”What to expect from travel to Armenia? Vol.1” that Armenia is called “Country of the Rocky Highlands”. However, it is also called “Land of the Sun”.

Why? Well… the country is noted for mostly sunny weather and bright colors throughout the year.

Do you know that Armenia receives an average of 2700 sun hours of light per year?!

Sun Nature Armenia
Photo by Ani Melikyan

On the other hand, Armenian people are characterized with their souls full of endless sun. During your visit to Armenia, you will enjoy sunny weather in any season and will feel warmth of the legendary Armenian hospitality.

We suggest you explore this land of the sun with paintings of the renown Armenian artists. Unfortunately, most of the paintings are not available online, because Armenia’s national heritage has not been fully digitized yet.

The good news is, if you are in Armenia, entrance fees to the museums of Armenia are affordable. Museum admissions in Armenia hover around AMD1500 (EUR 3). Museum guide services range from AMD1500 (EUR 3) to AMD5000 (EUR 10).

The below listed museums house most of the paintings of the famous Armenian artists:

  1. The National Gallery of Armenia (Yerevan, Republic Square)
  2. Martiros Saryan Museum (Yerevan, 3 Saryan Street)*
  3. Minas Avetisyan Museum (Village of Jajur, Shirak Region)
  4. Ara Sargsyan and Hakop Kojoyan House-Museum, Branch of the National Gallery of Armenia (Yerevan, 70 Pushkin Street)
  5. Modern Art Museum of Yerevan (Yerevan, 7 Mashtots Avenue)

*Please note, that M.Saryan Museum is currently under renovation, therefore, Matenadaran (53 Mashtots Avenue) houses the collections of Saryan Museum.

Land of sun
Photo by Ani Melikyan

Do not forget to share your impressions of the paintings with us. We would love to hear which one you loved the most?

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