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November 6, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

There are people who are rather for a cup of coffee or beer than going to boring museum tours, gazing at pictures on the walls and nodding head to museum guides talks. BUT…we have chosen museums that will entertain you rather than bore. So, go ahead, read a short guidance and hope you enjoy museum walk in Yerevan!

National Gallery of Armenia

One of the most impressive and largest art exhibitions in CIS is here, at National Gallery of Armenia in Yerevan. There are 56 exhibition halls inside this beautiful building and you will surely find the style, the time period that will inspire you the most. There is a large collection of paintings including some by such famous artists as: Rubens, Teenier, Vernet, Chagall, etc. Apart from the art works, the building itself is very inspiring and “airy”, and if you get to the 8th floor, the balcony is a must to see! The view of Republic Square from where is just amazing. Entrance ticket for adults is $2, guided tours in English, Italian, Spanish and other languages cost at about $13. The National Gallery is closed on Mondays. Visitors are welcome everyday from 11:00am- 4:00pm (though the gallery website says 5:00pm, but museum staff won’t let any visitor in after 4:00pm).

Parajanov Museum

For art lovers a must-see place in Yerevan is Sergei Paradjanov Museum. Paradjanov: the famous artist and 20th century’s greatest masters of cinema, spent his life flitting in and out of prison during soviet times, still producing some of the most brilliant, inventive and amusing avant-garde collages, sculptures and films (The Color of Pomegranates) to have come out of that period. Museum offers guided tours in Russian, English, French, and German languages. Ticket price is quite reasonable- $6. You will surely enjoy your visit, since management of the museum keeps a unique spirit and originality to capture visitors’ hearts. Address is Dzoragiugh Ethnographic Center, buildings #15 and 16. It can be easily found if you take Proshyan street route by car and will take you 10-15 minutes maximum from the city center.

Museum Yerevan

For a more serious experience, visitors to Yerevan should go to the Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum on a hill above the city, which documents the agony of the 1915-22 genocide of the Armenians during the governing period of Ottoman Empire. There is no attempt to demonize the Turkish authorities here; just facts and photographs presented, of the first documented holocaust – which, to this day, is denied by Turkey. Museum offers guided tours in Russian, English, French, and German languages.

Divers of Yerevan

And to complete the list, you should also visit Cafesjian Museum of Art. This museum is not very unambiguously perceived by locals, as some of them like to argue the value of art presented there. Well, this is what usually happens with modern art, right? However, it’d be better if you have your own opinion about this original museum inside of which there is an escalator connecting two parts of the city. Nice, isn’t it? There are interesting works of art exhibited from first to the last floors right besides the escalator, so you can go up and have a look at them.

There is also a souvenir shop on the first floor, different sculptures and statues in the park of the museum. Remember we have told you about Cascade?  Also you’d better check out each of the galleries, and enjoy the gardens on the various levels outside. Museum is closed on Mondays. From Friday to Sunday doors are open from 10:00am – 8:00pm, on all other days till 5:00pm. Admission fee for adults is $2,5.

sculpture of a lion in Cascade Complex of Yerevan

They say Armenia and Yerevan, as part of Armenia, is like a museum under the open sky. In contrast to all other museums it is open for visitors 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you can still enjoy it even on Mondays.

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