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September 18, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

If you had a chance of visiting Yerevan, you should surely have done several things to avoid hearing “No way, you’ve been to Yerevan and haven’t tried khorovats?!” or “So, you are saying you’ve been to Yerevan and haven’t seen the singing and dancing fountains?!” We will save you from those phrases! It is like visiting Paris and somehow missing the Eiffel Tower, it could be like being in Yerevan and missing Cascade. You can enjoy the amazing panoramic view of this huge stairway here.

View from stairs of Cascade Complex in YerevanPhoto by Anna Khachatryan

Cascade is a symbolic monument for Yerevan. In the evenings one can see young people sitting on the stairs, holding hands and enjoying the view or flow of tourists who go up and down. By the way, if you are not much into going up on your feet there is escalator for lazy ones. Though, in this case, you might miss the statues on each floor of the monument. There is interesting modern art statues exhibition outside which is part of Cafesjian Museum Collection. Also, if you have enough time, make sure you meet the sunset sitting on one of the Cascade stairs. Believe it or not, this is worth seeing!

A tourist from Ukraine shared his impressions about Cascade with us: “I was sitting on the Cascade stairs and looking just straight before me and saw Mount Ararat just hanging somewhere in the clouds. This was amazing scene. A huge mountain was just gazing at me from the clouds. It was an incredible feeling, I wanted to call my friends and tell them everything but realized that I wouldn’t find relevant words to tell what I felt. I hope it wasn’t only because of Armenian cognac I tried that day.”

By the way, Armenian cognac (brandy) is another Armenian brand and symbol. That’s why you should definitely visit Yerevan Brandy Company and take a tour there. They organize English-language tours which are a lot of fun and very informative, taking you through the whole distilling process, from grape to glass. The most entertaining part of the trip is of course the tasting at the end, and you get to sample three delicious blends, ranging from 5 to 30 years in age. The tour lasts about 90 minutes and costs $30. You can buy cognac from the local store right at the company, as Armenian brandy is a “must souvenir” to take away from Armenia.

Singing and dancing fountains

Another thing to see in Yerevan is the fountains in the Republic Square. Well, the square itself is very beautiful, where all around are the Government buildings and hotel Marriott building as well. In the evenings the place near fountains is very crowded because as tourists as well as local people like to enjoy their evenings listening to classical music “from the fountains” and enjoying the “water to dance”. The only minus is that this is mainly summer season entertainment. From Republic Square you can go up Aboyan Street, which is one of the oldest streets, and now is famous for cafes and shops all along it. In the evenings people usually walk down Abovyan Street or from Northern Avenue down to the Republic Square. So, you will involve in local evening walks if you follow that route. Apart from this part of the city, the area near the Opera House is also very popular for the people who like evening walks. So, an option for a lazy evening walk could be starting from the Opera House yard, going down Northern Avenue (where there are a lot of cafes too), then, a small part of Abovyan Street and you are in the Republic Square, where fountains will entertain you after 9 pm. This is not a comprehensive list of recommendations of things to do and try in this small yet full of different entertaining options city! We will develop a new list for you soon!

View of Yerevan

Photo by Anna Khachatryan

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