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November 17, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

Having all the urbanized, well-constructed area around us nowadays, we are striving to find green spots to enjoy nature, trees and birds that will help us to relax. While spending your holidays in small and cozy Yerevan city you will be pleased to find parks to relax and enjoy minutes of rest. Here we are to get you some tips for finding green islands in Yerevan and give some tips on local habits in parks. The map below presents areas that we would recommend the most.

As far as the areas officially considered as parks and recreational areas in Yerevan are concerned, some of them are very small and offer just alleys with benches between the trees. So, here are some special tips for your visit.

Botanical Garden Yerevan Entrance

Botanical garden. A little bit far from the city center, but if you want to have a rest and be far from city noise – those 90 hectares of land are ready to host you! On the territory of the garden there is also Botany Academy of Sciences of Armenia, which has an impressive library. However, people mostly come here to have a rest and enjoy the nature. Early in the mornings one can frequently see group of photographers coming for photo shoots. During fall the magic colors of golden autumn occupy this territory and the sunrise is just like from fairy tale! You can come here to have a picnic, skating, cycling or for any outdoor activity you’d like. There is also a new trend of organizing wedding parties here.

Botanical Garden Yerevan

Lovers park.  Situated on one of the main streets – Baghramyan avenue, near to President Office and Parliament, this is one of the most popular green oases in the city. Remember about Achajur café we once told you? It’s on the area of the Lovers Park. This park has a lovely space, the cafe which works from early morning till late at night and, actually, you can see lots of young people hanging out in the café. However, there are some security rules, such as no pets in the park (!), no step on the grass but you can still walk between the green areas on the red sand. Putting legs on the benches is also not welcomed in this park. Rules sound strange but still the area is very well maintained. They have a special sandpit playground for children and parking place for bicycles. There are also lots of benches and arbors. Though arbors are mainly occupied by old men who play chess or just sit and chat with each other, it’s worth seeing the scene, very local and authentic!

Lovers' park in Yerevan

Victory (Arm: Haghtanak) park is situated at the top of Cascade in Yerevan. The place among local is known as “Monument Park”. Park is dedicated to the victory of the USSR in the World War II. On the territory of the park there is a huge monument called “Mother Armenia” personifying the eternal readiness of Armenia to protect its people. “Mother Armenia” is a sculpture of a woman with a sword in hands and shield at her feet. The statue has a height of 22 meters, thus making the overall height of the monument 51 meters, pedestal of the statue is the Military Museum dedicated to Armenia’s participation in WW II.  There is also an amusement space here which is one of the local children’s favorite places, as well as an artificial lake, cafes and one of the best panoramic views of central Yerevan.

Monument of Mother Armenia in Yerevan

Tumanyan park. This park becomes more and more popular as it has been recently renovated. The green area is famous for being a picnic destination in the city. 10-15 minutes ride from the city center and you are in the green area with a view on Hrazdan gorge. Near is TUMO Center for Creative Technologies which mostly takes care of the area. The space is convenient for riding bicycles, walking with babies, having picnics and playing outdoor games. If you continue walking to TUMO, you will also find space for skating.

Park in Yerevan

Recreational area in Ajapnyak district. This is newly built with big fountains, alleys and benches don’t have a proper name yet. Though people have already loved the area and in the evenings you can see many young parents walking with their kids, old ladies glancing at other people (and probably gossiping). As Ajapnyak district is considered to be one of the greenest one, the fresh air here would be the most “true one” as there is also not much traffic here.

Ajapnyak Municipality

Kirov Park is one of the oldest and largest parks in the city center of Yerevan, dating back to the 1860s. Though located in the central district of Yerevan, park gives space for escaping crowded central streets of Yerevan and enjoying moments of rest and peace. During day time you can see many couples in love sitting on the benches and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

Kirov park in Yerevan

English park is next to Congress hotel, near Italian Embassy. One of the local tradition is having the just-married photo shooting near the central fountains of the park. The park is also known for being a good place for picnics. As pets are allowed to the park, you’d better take a blanket with you if you are planning to lie on the grass and relax. Please consider that you might meet people playing guitars and making some noise here. Also you can be lucky and use free WiFi which is available from time to time in the park (probably Congress hotel tries to strengthen their IT security now and then).

English Park Yerevan

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