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What to take from Armenia?

September 27, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

Armenia has a wide variety of souvenirs to offer to tourists. While telling what you can specifically take away with you from Armenia, we will also provide a brief info on where you can find those things.

Armenian souvenirs

After enjoying a touristic stay at some country, one definitely wants to take away souvenirs from that place. The best advice will of course be to take away good memories and new friends! But…turning to more material stuff and speaking about Armenia, there is a couple of things to buy.

Armenian brandy (cognac)

You know what Winston Churchill answered when he was asked about longevity? “Never be late for dinner, smoking Hawaiian cigars and drinking Armenian cognac!  That’s it, so take some elixir of life with you from Armenia.

Armenian brandy bottles

If you have followed our advice about visiting Armenian Brandy Company, then you will have a chance to choose among wide variety of cognacs and purchase at comparatively cheap price at the factory’s shop. Otherwise, you can go to the specialized Pernod Ricard shop on 34/62 Komitas Avenue, which works from 09:00-18:00. Though, not sure about the chance of cognac degustation there. Another destination for purchasing cognac can be Noyan Tun specialized shop, which works from 10:00-21:00. The shops can be found at two addresses: 12 Amiryan Street and 3 Grigor Lusavoritch Avenue.

Dried fruits

If you have once tried Armenian apricots, peaches and plums you will definitely want to enjoy that sweet and soft taste again. If you are going for a long journey after Armenia, the option of buying the dried fruits will be perfect for you. Armenians are specialized in this process, almost every family stores dried fruits and will tell you thousands of “best recipes” for it. So, it won’t be difficult to buy this “souvenir” almost in any food shop and/or big supermarket, just make sure they are not very old.

Dried fruits


When thinking about buying carpets from Armenia, you should realize that you might have overweight in your luggage as they are rather heavy, though they are really worth having!  You can try visiting Antique Carpets shop on 32 Tumanyan Street, there you can find carpets not only from Armenia, but also from Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Better option might be visiting open-air vernisage open-air market near the Republic Square. It is open-air market full of different sections of souvenirs, carpets, jewelry, clothes and  mainly for tourists though locals also love to go there for buying presents as it has an amazing variety.

Armenian carpets in Vernisazh open air market


There is some specific spirit in golden and silver finery made in Armenia. All the jewelry made here has the reflection of Armenian ancient historic values and when you see them you just want to have them! It will be a good choice to visit vernisage open-air market, where you can find tones of different golden and silver jewelry, as well as leather and wooden bijou. The first and main rule there – always bargain!

If you are OK with a little bit high prices you can check KARA silver salon at 54 Pushkin Street, where bargaining will be almost impossible, though you will find creative and quality stuff.

In case you didn’t like any of the suggested options and haven’t found something good at your hotel’s local souvenir shop, you might find helpful checking out the shops below, as they will offer you more creative presents and souvenirs to take from Armenia:

  • Aghaksak– 3/1 Abovyan Street
  • Dalan– 12 Abovyan Street
  • Noyan Tapan bookstore – Republic Square, Government House #2 #2

Wherever you shop, we strongly recommend visiting vernisage open-air market anyway. Since there is tones of different handmade souvenirs you might even haven’t imagined you will want so much to take with you. Apart from this, you can have nice photographs done there. There is a section (in front of the main one) where people sell electronic bits, old razors, and tons of other very random items that will surprise you.


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