A house in Dendropark

Experience Stepanavan Dendropark Through Photos

April 9, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Stepanavan Dendropark, located in Lori Province of Armenia, covers about thirty-five hectares of land. Established in 1933 and designated a Special Protected Area in 1998, the arboretum is an excellent escape from the oven-heat of the city in summer. It consists of natural deciduous forest and ornamental trees. More than five hundred species can be found in Stepanavan Dendropark, among which are Magnolia, Siberian pine, hornbeam Carpinus caucasica, lime Tilia caucasica, beech Fagus orientalis, elm Ulmus elliptica, etc.

Here are some photos to have a virtual tour inside Stepanavan Dendropark:

Stepanavan Dendropark in Armenia
Photo by Vahe Asatryan

Dendropark Setepanavan Armenia
Photo by Vahe Asatryan

Dendropark Horse
Photo by Tatev Melikyan

Stepanavan Dendropark Armenia
Photo by Vahe Asatryan

Dendropark Armenia
Photo by Tatev Melikyan

A house in Dendropark
Photo by Ani Melikyan

Forest of Dendropark Stepanavan Armenia
Photo by Vahe Asatryan

Note: Admission to Stepanavan Dendropark is free of charge.

It is definitely a can’t-miss-spot in Armenia, and we want to hear about your impressions…

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  • Vahe Asatryan

    It’s one of my favorite places in Armenia. It is so nice there.

    • Anna Khachatryan

      Dear Vahe, it is a majestic place! Happy to know you love it as well! 🙂