Argentine Tango in Tbilisi

Argentine Passion in Tbilisi

November 24, 2013 - Tbilisi Loves You / Travel to Georgia

If you happen to appear somewhere in Caucasus, for example in Georgia and you are passionate about tango, we are here to share good news with you!

Tango in Tbilisi

So what you should do with your dancing passion if you are on a vacation in Tbilisi? Quickly discover the underground dancing community! There is a very active local community of Argentinian tango lovers and practitioners here. Lessons are organized regularly for all level dancers, so feel free to check their FB group and find necessary info.

Along with regular dance classes, Georgian tango community also organizes milongas. Considering the number and variety of vintage cafes in Tbilisi, you can imagine the atmosphere of those milongas which are held at vintage interior. As the community has some established traditions, here are some tips for venues/dates. Usually, on Sundays, milongas are held in Linville vintage cafe on Leselidze street. The interior of cafe itself is worth visiting, imagine ceilings for 3-4 meters high, walls pasted by colorful retro wallpapers, wooden floor and tango music! So, don’t forget to bring your tango shoes with you while travelling to Georgia. There is another traditional place of organizing milongas, it is the second floor of cafe “Liberty Theatre” which is near the Liberty Square metro station.

Argentine Tango in Tbilisi

Local community of tango lovers is very different and there are several groups inside it. One group is organizing tango meetings in the places mentioned above, and the other part of people are usually meeting at another venue, at cafe Emilianoff on Tabidze street. Those events are usually held on Thursday evenings.

Tango at Emilianoff Tbilisi

However regardless to which “sub-community” you will join, you will meet very different people in terms of age, interests, professions and will definitely find someone to make friends with and have a beer (or Georgian wine) in some pub after the dance meeting. The community is multinational, as there are many foreigners permanently or temporary living in Tbilisi. In a word, you won’t feel yourself an outsider because of language or culture barrier, besides dancing passion will overcome everything, won’t it?

Tango fun in Tbilisi

Also, tango evenings are organized in different pubs and clubs, along with salsa parties. For instance, if you search for Cuban Bar in Tbilisi you might find a good party is going to be held just the coming Friday!

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