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Tax free shopping in Armenia

June 8, 2014 - Travel to Armenia

Generally travelling refers not only to exploring a new country, its traditions, its way of life, heritage and sights, but also to shopping in it. Yes, mostly shopping lovers will understand how cool it is to shop in a country where you are travelling to.

All of us like it and quite all the people have always faced the problem of lack of enough money to buy the thing that we liked in a country where maybe we will never return to.

Have you ever had this feeling? If yes, than you will find it interesting to learn something new about Tax Free Shops in general and the ones opened in Yerevan, Armenia.

What is Tax Free Shopping? It speaks about the opportunity for customers to purchase goods or services without paying normally paid taxes, such as value added tax. Tax free shopping allows the customers to reclaim the VAT (value added tax, which is equal to 20% of the bought item) they have paid while shopping in a foreign country. This reclaim is available on specific type of goods bought, or depending on the country, even on the amount of money spent. For example, in the United Kingdom free tax service on most goods and services except basic food items, books and children’s clothing. This interesting service helped different countries to enlarge the amount of tourists coming every year.

Tax free shopping Yerevan

Tax service is active in more than 50 countries, such as Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United States and others.

Armenia lately joined this list. The recent changes made in the Tax service system of the Republic of Armenia helped the brands and corporations to insert free tax shopping mechanism in Armenia as well. The service works mostly in the capital city of Armenia, particularly on branded magazines which have already experienced the free tax service in their countries of “residence”.

Dalma Graden Mall Yerevan

Tax free in Armenia has some peculiarities: if a traveler buys something in Yerevan and it’s price is more than 100.000 AMD, than the tax free service can be activated. You just need to ask the cashier whether their shop has a tax free service (you can check on the shop windows also before entering). If yes, than the cashier should give you a specific card, which, when leaving Armenia should be shown on the border or in the airport.

NOTE: the purchased items shouldn’t be used before leaving the country.

And remember. If you want to shop with tax service traditions, you should better concentrate on the city center or to go to the two malls: Yerevan Mall and Dalma Garden Mall, which are situated in the capital and have a large amount of shops with tax free tags.

Yerevan Mall


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