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Ancient Armenian profession- taxi driver

September 10, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

Taxis are cheap in Yerevan and offer the most convenient way to get around the city. Here taxi service is delivered both by individual drivers with their personal cars and companies with large auto park. In both cases the prices as well as the service quality are pretty much the same.

Taxi in Streets of Yerevan

If you are going for a short distance in the city center it will take you from $1.5 – 4 maximum. The price is approximately 25 cents per kilometer, but in case you drive less than 5 km, you’ll have to pay 1.5$ on average. Just like elsewhere, taxi drivers in Armenia sometimes try to charge tourists more than it actually costs. Most Yerevan taxis are equipped with electronic taxi meters and you would better ask to turn them on as soon as you start you journey. So, no arguments arise about the final fare. If it’s a late hour and the only taxi you found has no counter, negotiate the price in advance and be sure you WILL get to your place for convenient price.

In Armenia, there is taxi in all towns and countryside, and even in a small remote village there will definitely be someone delivering taxi service. As for Yerevan and other towns, you can find a taxi at every turn 24 hours a day.


Online taxis and driver stories

There is a possibility of booking online taxi via Online Taxi or GGtaxi services. The interface of the latter is still available only in Armenian language.

Just like everywhere else, in Armenia cabmen are well-informed about the country. So you can try to find out from them the information you need. Unfortunately, here taxi drivers don’t speak English so you might need some help in translation. However, if you find a taxi driver who speaks English or it turns out that you understand Russian, you will hear stories from the driver about their ambitious plans for the future and that this current job is temporary. Taxi drivers in Armenia are quite curious and they’ll surely try to tie up a conversation with you while driving. Don’t be afraid of it!

An Armenian taxi driver

And as locals say, cabmen here are mostly small and medium entrepreneurs who failed in Russia and returned to their homeland. Also, they will tell about their (at least) two higher educations. Sometimes, the stories are true and very heartbreaking. Though, most of the times taxi drivers just love to socialize and will tell you everything just to keep the conversation lively during your entire trip. So, don’t be surprised, if a taxi driver starts telling you about his credible and incredible adventures in Russia. These are Armenian Munchausen stories.

Taxi Pink in Yerevan

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