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The best three parks to work from in Yerevan

August 31, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Many times, travellers to Yerevan asked me where they can find a good place to work from in the capital of Armenia, and I used to recommend a cafe… Because the weather allows one to work in the open-air areas from mid of April till mid of October in Yerevan, I have decided to walk around the streets of the capital and discover the parks to work from in Yerevan. Whether a traveller, a freelancer, an employee, a student or not, you might want to have some change of working space. No? So, here are the public parks in Yerevan where you can work from.

Park in Yerevan

The green areas officially considered as parks and recreational areas in Yerevan are not that big with alleys and benches between the trees. Here, you can escape from the noise of the city, but possibly not find all the tools you might need to work, especially the internet connection. Well, relatively comfortable and clean parks to work from are: the English Park, Park of Tumanyan and Lovers’ Park.

Picnic in a park of Yerevan

English Park

The English Park is recommended to work from particularly on weekends. Here, it is possible to have a picnic in the morning and do some reading later. The park is situated close to the Republic Square on Italy Street. It is one of the oldest parks of Yerevan, dating back to the 1860s.

Lovers’ Park

The Lovers’ Park offers perfectly clean and cosy atmosphere with free WiFi connection. However, one cannot sit on the grass here, only benches. But, there is a cafe inside the park where you can work from. The park is located on Baghramyan Avenue next to Marshal Baghramyan Metro Station.

Tip: By the way, if you are the type of a person who finds solitude and inspiration in the heart of city life, look for a bench around the streets of Yerevan. There are lot’s of them, and mostly downtown of the capital you, where one can find free WiFi to connect to.

Benches in Yerevan

Park of Tumanyan

The Park of Tumanyan is located a bit far from the city center, in the Ajapnyak district of Yerevan on Halabyan Street. This park has a nice view to the Gorge of Hrazdan and offers picnic areas and work spaces to work from. Unfortunately, when coming down to the gorge you might not be able to connect to free WiFi available in the park. To tell the truth, this is one of the coziest corners of Yerevan where I find my daily inspiration and come back several times a week to work from.

Tumanyan Park

Those are the open-air places I have found so far to work from. Off to look for the indoor ones…

How about you? Where in Yerevan do you work from most of the time? Let us know what makes you select the place and please feel free to share with us a picture of the place on one of our social networks.

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