Yerevan Abovyan Street Snowfall

The First Snowfall in Yerevan

December 3, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

When the first snow of the season falls, it typically gets me excited about everything the season brings. Well… don’t you wait for the the winter holidays and adventures? For some it is the quiet time to enjoy family moments, grandma’s cooking. Others, prefer exploring the winter wonderland by skiing or snowboarding in the mountains… That was what I was thinking about when walking to work today in the morning and watching the first crystal flakes gliding down from cloudy skies.

Suddenly, a dry cough of a passer-by woke me up to the reality to realize how beautiful and colourful the first snowfall in Yerevan is. The sidewalks covered in green, yellow, red, brown and white remind of a funfetti cake:

Funfetti Cake Winter Yerevan
Photo by Anna Khachatryan

The sights, sounds and smell of the morning traffic around the streets of Yerevan are lost. The sidewalks and pathways are covered with blankets of white coat and everything has slowed down…

Yerevan First Snow
Photo by Anna Khachatryan

Therefore, if you are a lover of snow and winter solitude, I recommend to have a morning walk in Yerevan in the first days of December.

Yerevan Abovyan Street Snowfall
Photo by Anna Khachatryan

How do you feel when the first snow of the year falls? What does it look like in your country? 

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  • Chacberries

    when usually snow starts in Yerevan? How’s the weather in first week of November? Do we need winter clothes during these days.
    Appreciate your response