Things To Do And See in Tbilisi!

December 29, 2015 - Travel to Georgia

With Tbilisi being just about six hours away from Yerevan, it can be a convenient and suitable destination for a weekend getaway! If you are going for a short period of time, however, it may seem overwhelming to see and do everything. Here is a short list of some of Tbilisi’s beautiful attractions you don’t want to miss!

Narikala Fortress

Narikala fortress
Photo by Lena Tachdjian

The Narikala Fortress stands out in the middle of the city, and is something you would normally see anywhere but in a city centre. It offers an unparalleled view of Tbilisi, including the botanical garden. You can enjoy a mini-hike up to the fortress, take in the view, and visit the Mother Georgia statue as well from up there. Definitely a must-see!

Botanical Garden

Botanical garden Tbilisi
Photo by Serda Ozbenian

One of the incredible views that the Narikala fortress overlooks is the botanical garden. Once I saw it, I knew I had to pay it a visit, and it was very easily accessible from the fortress area. Perfect for all nature-lovers with its incredible variety of plants, and a perfect place for a stroll, where you can absorb the beautiful and colourful scenery, and get in some fresh air.

Parajanov Statue

We all know Sergei Parajanov had some interesting works of art and seemed to be quite a character. Georgia pays him a great tribute with a “jumping” statue that captures his distinct personality and style based on the famous photo. It is great place for photos as well, but just make sure to get directions before you venture out to find it, as many locals did not know where it was! A photograph does not do justice to this seemingly in-motion statue, so you will just have to see it with your own eyes!

Museum of Georgian Folk Songs and Musical Instruments

Museum Tbilisi
Photo by Serda Ozbenian

This stop ended up being a detour in an otherwise busy day, but I am so glad we decided to go inside since it was definitely one of the most informative and interesting museum experiences I have ever had! It hosts a great and wide selection of traditional instruments, and the guide was one of the most passionate, talented, and knowledgeable people I had ever met. She took us on a tour, showed us videos of the instruments in action, and then played music herself for us. It was absolutely fascinating, especially since you can see how Georgian music differentiates from other music in the region—based on the unique instruments used.

Dezerter Bazaar

bazaar Tbilisi
Photo by Elizabeth Audrey

I had heard about this bazaar, and while there are many outdoor markets in Tbilisi, I finally decided to check this one out. It is quite a walk from the city center, but definitely worth it. The bazaar has everything and anything you could want when it comes to food, and I was able to get all the Georgian spices I know and love, and discover many more! It was also where I discovered that blueberries grow in Georgia, and it also had many flavours of wine I had not yet seen in shops or in other countries. Needless to say, I left with more spices than ever before! It is also a good place to visit based on its history, which you can understand from the name. It is called ‘dezerter’ because, as a vendor told us, it is where deserting soldiers would come in order to sell their weapons!

So here is the short-list of things to do and see in the city of Tbilisi in a short period of time. As noted before, of course, make sure to enjoy the delicious Georgian food in Tbilisi, including the famous Ajarian khatchapuri, and khinkali.


What are your favourite things to do and see in Tbilisi?

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