View of Cascade Complex in Yerevan

What to expect from Armenia. Vol2

September 14, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

Hope you enjoyed the blog post about some tips for your holidays in Armenia. Past several posts about local taxi culture and aimed to better orient you in the small and cozy Caucasus city of Yerevan. We have new observations and advise for you to feel here even more comfortable and relaxed.

View of Opera House in Yerevan

Extremely safe city

That’s how some tourists describe Yerevan. It is really safe to walk here after midnight, even in the suburbs. The only problem you can face is that lighting of the streets is much more poor organized in the remote areas of the city in comparison with the city center. And actually not many people walk through these dark streets. So, basically, it is not dangerous to go outside in any area rather than it is just not interesting and unpleasant to walk through dark and desolate streets.

Children playing in Yerevan

Also, don’t be surprised to see lots of kids running and playing in the streets and yards after 10 pm. No need to call the police.  Sometimes, late in the evenings, you can see children enjoying leisure time with their parents in the cafes.

Discover every celebrity in the world has Armenian roots!

Well, you probably know the celebrities below. But, you will find out more here in Armenia! And some of things people will tell you will be absolutely true! Though, the topic is quite actual and many jokes are made on this regard, the phenomenon of Armenian nation spread all over the world has tragic reasons. Mainly, it was of Armenian Genocide in the 20th century Armenian people tried to escape from murder and spread to different corners of the world, and second one is the high rate of migration nowadays in Armenia. So, people here still try to go and try fortune somewhere abroad where there is a strong Armenian community.

Armenian celebrities

People in Armenia like to ask personal questions about your family, ancestors and where do you come from. While answering those questions be careful, as Armenians love to find common things with foreigners and will be happy to discover hidden Armenian roots in your lineage as well.

View of Tumanyan Street

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