What to expect from travel to Armenia? Vol.1

August 20, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

If you are thinking about visiting Armenia, you should certainly know what to expect from your travel. Located in the South Caucasus, this small hospitable country offers variety of activities for tourists. However, if you are dreaming about seaside and lazy sun bathing maybe you should rather consider the neighboring Georgia. We will return with more detailed info about lazy rest and sunbathing in Caucasus soon.

No seafood, almost.

As Armenia is cut off from seas, one should be realistic about the variety of seafood in Armenia. However there are a couple of good places where you can eat a really tasty fish and enjoy unique atmosphere.

For instance, at Fish Farm Cherkezi Dzor (Gyumri, Shirak region). One can walk around the pools were the fishes are grown, select the fish and then wait at the restaurant where the tasty meal is served.

Another destination to taste Armenian cooked fish is Tsovatsots Restaurant located on the Shore of Lake Sevan. Along with the beautiful view of lake from veranda, traditional Armenian interior on the inside and a warm atmosphere all around, the visitor will have the chance to taste every possible dish made of Ishkhan fish, such as fish gata (fish cakes) which are rarely met in the menus and in fact are really tasty!

In both restaurants offering a wide variety of fish dishes, guests have a chance to taste elements of traditional Armenian cousine as well (cheese, greens, jams, etc..)


Hospitable people, amazing nature, natural products

During your travel every now and then you will be amazed by the nature: the mountainous landscape. One can hardly find any scene without a mountain, rocks or hills. That’s why Armenia is sometimes called Country of Rocky Highlands.

A special peculiarity here is the hospitality of mountainous people. In the rural areas of Armenia, it is quite usual that local people treat guests the fruits and vegetables from their gardens. Don’t miss that chance – try organic products, enjoy the natural taste without any artificial supplements. Apart from enjoying real natural taste, it is not polite to refuse the treatment from people here.

Armenians are really very hospitable and like to talk to other people. Be it offering their own cooked dishes or treating with fruits and vegetables from their gardens, people express their warm attitude in this way. The only thing the tourist has to do for keeping the harmony is to enjoy tasting and thank for the hospitality!

Though Armenians like to talk to other people, the language can sometimes be an obstacle. In the capital, Yerevan, one can find young people talking in English or in Russian, however in the regions, if you don’t speak Armenian (do you?), the most optimistic option can be to find someone who can understand Russian as English is rarely met here. Nevertheless, gestures, nodding head for “yes” and shaking head for expressing “no”, smiles (even hugs) will help a visitor to communicate here.


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