The story of Trchkan waterfall

May 30, 2014 - Travel to Armenia

When one decides to visit a country, he starts searching for some tips that will help to orient in it. He may start reading about the history and culture of the country or simply becoming informed about how the weather will be during the holiday.

A visitor, who comes to Armenia, will be a little bit confused, because on one hand it is a small country situated in the heart of South Caucasus, and on the other, it’s a country with a variety of climate changes from south to north. Central part of the state is mainly dry and sunny, in contrast with the rainy and humid south and north.

Trchkan waterfall

Due to these climate differences, the vegetation and the landscape also vary, so here is more probable to go on hiking in forests and why not, to take a bath in some fresh and cold waters of different rivers and waterfalls.

waterfall of Trchkan

If you go up by the country and reach the border of two northern regions of Armenia: Shirak and Lori, you are quite close to the highest waterfall of the country: Trchkan waterfall (23.5 meters).

Trchkan waterfall in Armenia

This waterfall has a unique history and is quite famous among the people of the country. The waterfall was the epicenter of the most distracting earthquake in the history of Armenia (1988). Later, in 2011, the Ministry of Nature protection allowed to construct a hydroelectric station on the waters of Trchkan, not considering the fact that it would cause a natural disaster. But many activists, groups, organizations, protectors of nature were against this and started a petition to save the waterfall.

Besides, a group of environmental activists started a protest rally and put tents near it and stayed there for 14 days, so as not to allow the construction. Fortunately, all these efforts were not spent in vain and the government rejected the contract about construction of the hydro-electric station.

protesters near Trchkan waterfall

These stories make this place more and more attractive and astonishing. Trchkan waterfall is unique for one more reason. The thing is, that, it is not situated in the center of a forest or lost in highlands, it is simply some kilometers (10 km) far from the village Shirakamut and is some kind of a natural tap for the locals, they even call it “Chrik”, which means “faucet” in an Armenian dialect.

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