Trip to Gegharot Waterfall

July 30, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

What is really great about being in Armenia is the opportunity to travel around the country whenever you wish to. Some of the main sites are pretty close to the capital and all you actually need to do is pack a hiking backpack.

Road to Gegharot
Photo by Sonia Bagdasarian

By the end of hot July the wish to explore a new place is high. So, this time Gegharot Waterfall – the most magnificent and breathtaking hydrological monument of Armenia can be picked as a destination. It is situated in Aragatsotn Province of Armenia, on the eastern hillside of the highest mountain Aragats, where Kasagh river flows into the Gegharot stream. The waterfall is 3000 meters above sea level. It takes at about an hour or so to get to the Gegharot village where it is possible to take a pickup truck to the waterfall or just have nearly eleven  kilometers of walking.

Landscape View with a track
Photo by Sonia Bagdasarian

Whatever you decide is good, because you’ll find yourself surrounded by huge stones, green foggy hills covered with all kinds of wild growing flowers.

Stone Gegharot
Photo by Sonia Bagdasarian

Wild flowers Gegharot Armenia
Photo by Sonia Bagdasarian

While riding on a back of a pickup truck another interesting site can be seen – a small Yezidi village (the largest ethnic and religious minority in Armenia). They mainly lead nomadic lifestyle raising livestock.

Yezidi camp
Photo by Sonia Bagdasarian

Village Life
Photo by Sonia Bagdasarian

Cold waters of Gegharot waterfall are crashing down from a height of seventeen meters.

Photo by Sonia Bagdasarian

As soon as you reach the waterfall, you may find yourself tired and hungry, which means it is time to get some rest lying down on the green grass. Make sure to make a stop on your way to Mount Aragats in a bakery called “Gntuniq”, located in the town of Aparan where you can buy some freshly baked bread, lavash (the Armenian flatbread) and different kind of desserts like gatha or pakhlava. You will need this fresh and yummy bread when making a tasty sandwich with homemade Armenian cheese and some local greens or veggies in it.

Photo by Sonia Bagdasarian

So, Gegharot Waterfall is a great place for those looking for the wild nature, amazing views and landscapes, and fresh chilly air, of course!


Photo by Sonia Bagdasarian

Do you know any places to chill out in this hot weather? Let’s us know and we will explore those as well.

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