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September 7, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Being a vegetarian in Armenia is a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge, especially when people get to know you are. You always have to be prepared to answer lots of questions. Armenians can hardly imagine their lives without meat and holiday tables are usually full of all kind of meat dishes. Luckily there are also lots of meat-free choices in the Armenian cuisine which means you won’t get hungry or starve. So surviving as a vegetarian in Armenia isn’t that difficult as people might think.

Eating healthy isn’t a problem in Yerevan. Farmer markets and stores are full of local fresh fruits and veggies. Seasonal choices are also available. So it’s always easy to find necessary ingredients for cooking. If there’s lack of ideas about what to cook then check out the internet for blogs and sites that can offer lots of vegetarian recipes. But if you feel lazy to cook yourself there’s probably any cafe or restaurant in the city that can provide affordable vegetarian-friendly options.

Malocco Cafe Yerevan
Taken from Malocco Cafe Yerevan‘s FB Page

For example, the Green Bean Coffee Shop has vegetarian and even vegan friendly menus, you can see them marked with green leaves. Products used for drinks and foods are all natural and certified organic. In case you are a fan of pancakes, you can enjoy them early in the morning with local jam and a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Green Bean Pan Cakes
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Another option is to have a smoothie called Green cocktail with cucumber, kiwi and broccoli in Papaya Eco Cafe, or a bowl of yogurt with corn flakes and fruits. Or just start your day at home and have a porridge, fresh fruits for breakfast, dried fruits and nuts, they can be bought almost at any local store.

Lunch options are wide, nutritious legumes are very popular in Armenia, so traditional lentil soup with tabbouleh salad as a side dish is a great choice, or maybe it would be a very tasty falafel wrap and a plate of hummus that are my favorites in Lagonid restaurant. Or just have a plate of fried Armenian cheese and grilled mix of vegetables, variety of pickles.

hummus lagonid
Photo by Sonia Baghdasarian

As we know dinner is better to be light. Spas (Armenian yogurt soup) is a good choice. It is traditionally made with herbs and hulled wheat. Another way of having a delicious dinner is having some traditional dishes made of seasonal leafy greens like spinach, beet greens or wild sorrel (in Armenian – aveluk). Gathered in spring, dried and braided aveluk can be used all year long.

These are the options we have found so far. Hoping by the time you travel to Armenia, there will be more possibilities and vegan, vegetarian restaurants to eat out in Yerevan.

In case, you want to cook vegan Armenian dishes at home, leave a comment for us and we will find a recipe for you.

Bon Appetite!

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