A Day Walk in Tbilisi

November 6, 2013 - Tbilisi Loves You / Travel to Georgia

Today we suggest you to save on guides and follow our walking route instead.

If you are visiting Tbilisi for a very short time, we are here to guide you through the main touristic places in the city, so you can plan your route and time and enjoy a wonderful day.

Below is a map with the order of destinations that is optimal for walking. Have a good breakfast, as we have selected a walking route so you can see main touristic destinations while walking and see random elements of the city in the streets.

Start your day with visiting Metekhi Church, which dates back to 12th century and literally means “the area around the palace”. According to traditional accounts, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali erected here a church and a fort which served also as a king’s residence.

Metekhi Church
Photo by Grzegorz Kozakiewicz

Continue your route and take the aerial tramway, which will take you to higher hill to Narikala Fortress. A one-way journey costs 1 GEL. You will need the plastic card that is used for travel on the Metro as cash is not accepted. A card can be purchased at the kiosk for 2 GEL if you don’t already have one. You will have a wonderful view of Tbilisi from there. Of course, in the evenings the view is amazing as you see how well the city is lighted. However, the day view is not bad as well.

Tbilisi at night
Photo by Sulkhan Gogolashvili

So, when you are up on the hill and have got off from the tramway cabin, you can see 3 main attractions: the huge statue which is called Mother of Georgia, Narikala Fortress and botanical gardens (by the way, 300 years old!). It’s up to you to decide how much time to spend in each of the mentioned destinations but you will definitely enjoy the uniqueness of each of them!

Getting back with the same aerial tramway, continue walking to Rike park. This is a good place to go with children, there are places to sit and have a rest, take pictures and enjoy modern construction and architecture.

If you are tired of walking, you can pass the river by the newly built Peace Bridge and have a coffee at one of the cozy cafes on Erekles street.  There are many small cafes with wooden colorful interior that offer a good coffee.

Peace Bridge Tbilisi
Photo by Grzegorz Kozakiewicz

After having the coffee break you might want to see the Sioni Church. This is Georgian Orthodox cathedral. Following a medieval Georgian tradition of naming churches after particular places in the Holy Land, the Sioni Cathedral bears the name of Mount Zion at Jerusalem.

It will take you 10 minutes’ walk to see Anchiskhati Church, this is the oldest surviving church in Tbilisi and is one of the “must-see” in this city.

Words are not worth for describing the spirit and mood it gives to a visitor. The church is located next door to the Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater. By the way, if you are hungry at this point you can visit Gabriadze cafe just nearby the theater. And, right near the theater, there are other must-see and enjoy places. There is a Clock Tower at the Puppet Theater which has not only a nice design but also only at 12 and 6 pm o’clock you can see puppets coming out of it. If you manage to arrange your walk in that way you will really enjoy that original clock work.

Finally, your tour in Tbilisi won’t be complete if you don’t visit Dry Bridge Market, to do some vintage and soviet area items shopping. To reach there, you have to walk 10-15 minutes. You will see many retro watches, crockery, cameras and lots of stuff there.

After visiting all those destinations, you can surely say that you have been and seen the main parts of Tbilisi.

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