Top 5 Waterfalls of Armenia

June 15, 2014 - Travel to Armenia

Mountainous Caucasus holds in itself countries which have truly magnetic nature and varied landscape.

Situated in the heart of Caucasus, Armenia is far from the seaside by its both sides, but it never had lack of wonderful countrysides with lots of forests, lakes and rivers. Truly exiting are the places where a visitor can find not only rivers flowing through curly mounts, but also the cascades and waterfalls going down by them.

We checked out the Armenian waterfalls and made a list of the most famous and beautiful ones:

Trchkan waterfall

waterfall of Trchkan

This waterfall is situated on the border of Shirak and Lori regions and is one of the highest waterfalls of the country: 23.5 meters.

It has a unique history and is quite famous among the people of the country. The waterfall was the epicenter of the most distracting earthquake in the history of Armenia (1988). Later, in 2011, the Ministry of Nature protection allowed to construct a hydroelectric station on the waters of Trchkan, not considering the fact that it would cause a natural disaster. But many activists, groups, organizations, protectors of nature were against this and saved the waterfall from disaster.

Shaki waterfall


Shaki waterfall is situated in the South of the country, in Syunik region. The waterfall is on Vorotan River and is 18 meters high. Shaki is not only a wonderful attraction for the visitors, but is also connected to the hydro electrical station, which provides energy to some parts in the region.

Jermuk waterfall


Jermuk waterfall starts from Arpa River which flows through Vayots Dzor province. Some say that in reality the highest waterfall in Armenia is this one – 70 meters.

Jermuk waterfall is visited very frequently through the year, because it is situated in the territory of Jermuk resort center.

Qasakh waterfall


Qasakh waterfall is situated on Qasakh River, in Aragatsotn region and is the highest waterfall of the country: 70 meters.

This waterfall is quite unique because it overlooks to Hovhannavank Monastery. The visitors of the monastery are always astonished by this cascade flowing from the heart of the front Mount.

Waterfall cascade in Khosrov reserve

Cascade waterfall

Khosrov Reserve is famous for its unique nature and variety of animals and plants, that cannot be seen in other parts of Armenia.

But it is not only unique because of its flora and fauna. It is also famous by its numerous waterfalls which cover Azat River, the largest river flowing in the reserve. Khosrov reserve’s waterfall cascade which is called “Khosrovi” is famous because of its two floored shape and is the highest in the area – 8 meters. Many hikers come here to take a bath in the pure waters of the waterfall.

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