Odzun Holy Mother of God Church

Welcome to Odzun Village: wonders to explore

June 17, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Historical village of Odzun situated high above Debed Gorge on a plateau in Lori Province of Armenia attracts architecture and nature- lovers with its architectural monuments from different centuries and glorious landscapes.

Lori Province of Armenia
Photo by Edgar Harutyunyan

/ It is believed the name Odzun (translated from Armenian odzel -«օծել» as “to ordain”) was given to the village during the first century, after Thomas the Apostle ordained the bishops and priests in the village. From the beginning of the 19th century until 1967  the village was called Uzunlar. /

Here are our recommendations about the must-sees in the village of Odzun and its surroundings:

Odzun Holy Mother of God Church

Used as an emergency building in the Soviet times, Odzun Church is one of the finest Armenian basilicas with a cupola that sits in the center of Odzun village. The old single-nave basilica church was built by king Trdat III in 303-313 and was consecrated by Saint Gregory the Illuminator who was the first Catholicos of the Armenian Church. In the 5th century, the church was destroyed by an earthquake. It was reconstructed in the 5th- 7th centuries.

Odzun Holy Mother of God Church
Photo by Vahe Asatryan

 funerary monument Armenia Odzun
Photo by Vahe Asatryan

Tip: Look for a funerary monument that dates to the 5th-6th centuries to the north-east of Odzun Church. This is one of only two such funerary monuments in Armenia.

Another interesting monument to see outside the church is a structure of two roughly hewn rectangular rock obelisks encased in huge blocks of stone, which was a tribute given by an Indian king for the help given him by an Armenian general from Odzun. The locals say it is a symbol of fertility.

Tsaghkavank- Tsiranavor church

Tsaghkavank Tsiranavor church
Taken from Hushardzan.am

The ruins, mainly eastern and northern walls and the external porch of Tsaghkavank- Tsiranavor church can be found east to Odzun village. Locals say name of the church came from its healing powers in curing smallpox disease.

Horomayr Monastery

Taken from Hushardzan.am

Have you ever seen a church built on the cliffs? Well, once an important religious center of the medieval Armenia, Horomayr Monastery is mysteriously built on the cliffs southeast of Odzun village.

The picturesque village of Odzun and its lush surroundings will definitely deliver the photographic payoff you were looking for as well! Leave a comment on what surprised you the most…  

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