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Armenian Wine Festival

November 11, 2013 - Travel to Armenia

Can you imagine autumn sun shining through colorful leaves, gentle wind blowing and authentic scene of racy village people selling their home-made wines along the streets in countryside?


You don’t have to imagine that, but just travel to Armenia and enjoy Armenian Wine Festival!

Forget about French, Italian and other famous wines, as during Armenian Wine Festival you will experience something very special and unique, apart from wine – the caring and warmth of local people who try to offer traditional wine and organic products grown by them in their gardens.


Armenian annual Wine festival usually takes places in the village of Areni (Vayots Dzor province) where many local and international guests are gathering every year to enjoy the festival celebration, which eventually turns into traditional holiday with all amazing attributes. During the Festival guests taste the best variety of Armenian wines, organic natural products and enjoy local traditional dancing, singing and theatrical performances.

Wine tasting

Though Armenians officially celebrate wine festival, it is more of gastronomy festival. On the festival days khorovats (barbecue) selling spots appear all around the area. Along with khorovats people also sell some local traditional home-made sweets.

Village life in Armenia

So, it is not only fair of wines, but also a good chance of getting to know the local culture. By the way, during the fair there is also a wide variety of home-made wines, as well as some contests among winemakers. There are entertaining, games and theatrical performances, so if you plan visiting Areni village, you will probably spend therе most of your day. Oh, and by the way the Festival organizers also plan the transportation of people from Yerevan to Areni village and back. For 2013 Wine Festival the round way ticket (Yerevan-Areni-Yerevan) costed $6 (2500 AMD). In 2013 winemakers have extended plans and the festival lasted for 3 days and took place in 3 different areas! It started on October 4 in Rind village (Vayots Dzor province), continued on October 5 in Areni village and the last celebration day was on October 6 in Yeghegnadzor (which is very famous for local home-made wines).


Guests from 2013 Wine Festival were overwhelmed sunny weather, theatrical performances, grapes crashing, tasting of local food and wines. You can follow the celebration process through the photos.

Still not motivated to go and have some fun? Maybe some photos from previous festivals might help.

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