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Yerevan Through the Lens of an Impatient Wanderer

September 22, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Whether you are in a new city or your hometown exploring through travelers’ glasses every building, you try to capture the architectural creations to remember the style of a city, with its face, attractiveness and beauty.

After a long walking day in Yerevan, full of emotions and new discoveries you are looking through your fresh photos and choosing the best of them. Wait!

Have you ever noticed, that there are lots of memories captured from an angle view? What is this?

Angle view of a building in Yerevan
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Don’t hurry to mark them imperfect and to press the ‘delete’ button. Those photos show the beauty that made you take a photo impatiently without reaching photo-friendly destination for your city-travel photography.

Usually, the very first emotions related to the place, things, people live in your inner ‘travel space’ and they are not the common view, but the ones you noticed first.
Here is an ‘angle’ view of the building of Yerevan State University. Some 40-50 steps were needed to see the front view of the building but… non-glamorous, classical columns keep your sight on themselves from any angle.

Building of Yerevan State University
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

And what about gracious arks of the Government 1st building on the Republic Square in Yerevan?

Government First Building
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

This old and beautiful building on Abovyan Street was built in the first decade of the 20th century and part of it was used as a hospital for Red Cross during the World War I. You can just capture it with every step, that’s why the angle view is common for it.

Former Red Cross Building on Abovyan Street in Yerevan
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

The building of Yerevan Municipality looks pretty good from anywhere, but the tuff stone walls and sunlight peacefully play together from the angle view.

Building of Yerevan Municipality
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Even simple benches ‘prefer’ staying in line from another perspective for your eyes and camera.

Benches in Yerevan
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Pay attention at colorful visors and modest street lanterns in line from another view.

Street visors
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Lanterns in Yerevan
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Now imagine you are a traveler without a photo-camera or a smartphone and can’t take any photo. It’s impossible to imagine, isn’t it? It is also impossible not to admire the buildings of old Yerevan with ornaments and not to capture them. Here is the grey one from the list.

Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Yerevan is full of contrasts and textures. Here is one example: reconstruction in the heart of Yerevan near Moscow Cinema.

Moscow Cinema
Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

The chess house of Yerevan from 60° viewpoint.

Chess House in Yerevan

Apartment building in the center of Yerevan with columns and balconies complete the balance of nice view to the city from the impatient traveler’s angle.

Photo by Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Please try to capture your own version of the buildings and travel photography from different angle and share the results with us in any of our social network channels. Let’s have ‘angle’ fun together!

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