Hiking in Lastiver

Find Your Adventure in Armenia

April 2, 2015 - Travel to Armenia

Here you are, an international visitor in Armenia experiencing culture shock. The immaculate Armenian culture beckons to you, but all you want to have are thrilling experiences and adventures. There are quite a few adventure travel destinations in Armenia.


Hiking in Lastiver

Wear your hike shoes, take your travel backpack and do some hiking from the Central to the Northern parts of eco Armenia. There are a number of hiking trails that can take one along the glorious forests, dizzy heights, waterfalls, mountain lakes, etc. On your way, you will also discover the cultural, historical and modern treasures, explore the mountain caves and rock shelters, as well as learn about the legends and stories of Armenia.

Rock climbing:

Do you like to push the limits? The unique rocks and dizzy gorges are the best destinations in Armenia to risk life and limb.

Tip: To take lessons or lend equipment you can always contact one of the climbing groups and organizations in Armenia.

Mountain climbing:

In case you are looking for simple exhilarating experiences and are a lover of high spots, go mountain climbing in July, August or September. These are the best months to walk up the mountains in Armenia. The highest mountain is Mount Aragats (4,090 m /13,419 ft), the top of which is covered with snow almost year-around.

Mountain Climbing Armenia


Those who want to extreme new heights can experience Aparan, Hatis, Gutan, Vedi and Sevan flying sites in Armenia.


Tip: Contact Paragliding in Armenia organization to get all information about paragliding in Armenia.


Dedicated windsurfers might find the best wind in Lake Sevan…


Note: The weather is quite windy in Lake Sevan because of its high mountain location.


In case the weather is not windy, one can discover the underwater beauty and secrets of Lake Sevan.

Diving in Sevan

Note: Diving is a new culture in Armenia. The first diving festival was held in Armenia in 2012.

Skiing and snowboarding:

Did you miss out the summertime in Armenia? Head out for skiing or snowboarding on the slopes and peaks of the wild mountainous landscapes in winter.

Snowboarding in Teghenis

Skiing and snowboarding destinations in Armenia are many: Jermuk, Tsaghkadzor, Tsaghkunyats mountain range, Mount Spitakasar, Mount Ara, Mount Aragats, etc.

If snowboarding, skiing, hiking, paragliding, windsurfing, diving, mountain or rock climbing are not your cup of tea, you can always cycle in the capital city of Yerevan or take the alternative route to Lake Sevan.

Tip: There are cycle paths marked in some parts of Yerevan, however, cycling is a newly introduced culture in the capital. Therefore, mind the pedestrians and cars when cycling in Yerevan.

We hope you will satisfy your appetite for risk. What was your adventure in Armenia? In case you have already or intend to – whatsoever, share with us.

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